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Why Everyone is Raving about Pink Himalayan Salt Scrubs

by Tonia Farmer, MD 22 Nov 2018 0 Comments

Himalayan salt scrubs have been all the rage over the last few years and the trend definitely isn't going anywhere. Pink Himalayan salt scrubs can have tons of great benefits for your body, such as detoxifying your skin, giving your skin a natural glow, and balancing your skin’s pH.

Detox Your Skin

One benefit of Himalayan salt is it's detoxing capabilities. In the course of a normal day, we come into contact with so many things that clog our pores. Our skin is exposed to so many irritants and allergens, everything from the lotions and makeup you use - to pet dander -  to the general impurities in the air. Using a Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub can help release the irritants, allergens, heavy metals, dirt, and grime that may be stuck deep down in your pores. It’s a gentle way to clean your pores without hurting even the most sensitive of skins! Having clean pores is essential to have clear (acne-free) skin, which is totally an added bonus.

Speaking of acne, Himalayan salt can act as an antiseptic to actually destroy the nasty bacteria that can cause acne on our skin! In addition to destroying bacteria, it also helps to remove excess oil to leave you with soft, clear, beautiful skin.

Get Glowing Skin

Along the lines of detoxifying, salt scrubs are also great at exfoliating. When your skin is properly exfoliated, it will have a natural glow to it that you just can't achieve with makeup! In addition to having glowing skin, the exfoliation will leave you with soft skin. This is just one of the many benefits of a good Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub!

Another one of the benefits of Himalayan salt scrubs is that they work to tighten your skin! This lessens the appearance of wrinkles, giving you a younger appearance, and a more even complexion which would absolutely make you glow.

Balances pH in your Skin

Did you know that a lot of the products you are using on your skin are alkaline in nature? And did you know that your skin is naturally a bit acidic? This is not a good mixture if you are looking for a balanced pH level (which most people are). Using a Himalayan salt scrub is a great way to balance your skin's pH because pink salt naturally contains a key mixture of over 80 minerals. When it is used as a scrub, the Pink Himalayan Salt softens the water, neutralizing the heavy metals and chlorine found in most tap water. This saves you the effort of using water softeners...and other extreme methods, like bathing in Evian to get and keep your skin pH balanced.


The benefits of Himalayan salt scrubs that we have discussed today are benefits that you simply cannot get from other skin products. If you are looking for soft skin that is also healthy, a Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is a product that you have been looking for. With such a wide array of benefits ranging from clearing your pores, preventing acne, to giving you healthy glowing skin, and balancing your skin’s pH, we can't think of a reason why you wouldn't want to try our Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub today!

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