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Kid Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Nasal Aroma Inhaler


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Kid Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Nasal Aroma Inhaler
Kid Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Nasal Aroma Inhaler

Doctor-created blend of Essential Oils infused into 100% Pure and Kosher-certified Himalayan Sea Salt specially formulated for children 2-10 years old. The inhaler has a refreshing and pleasant scent. The therapeutic grade essential oils* enhance your breathing, improve your focus, and lift your mood. The Salt Me! Nasal Aroma Inhaler is small enough to carry in the pocket to be used for all day aromatherapy. 

Purchase one inhaler or the 3-Pack option.

*Organic essential oils include Eucalyptus **, Lavender, Tea Tree, Manuka, Frankincense C02, and Lemon.

**Eucalyptus EO safe for children to use. 



The inhaler is made with coarse Himalayan Sea Salt inside the inhaler tube. Small particles of salt may escape from the top or bottom holes in the inhaler tube. The COVID pandemic affected supply chains that caused us to use available inhaler tubes that have slightly larger holes than the previous ones. It is recommended to SHAKE the inhaler tube before use to release any smaller particles before inhaling. If a particle of salt enters the nostril, blow it out immediately and use saline mist/spray to clear the nasal passage.

Shake the nasal inhaler to engage/activate the infused salt particles. Uncap and place the inhaler CLOSE underneath the nostrils. DO NOT INSERT the inhaler directly INTO the nostril. Plug the opposite nostril by applying pressure with a finger.  For younger children (2-5 yo) that may not know how to inhale, wave the inhaler back and forth under the nostrils as the child breathes and slowly count 1,2,3,4,5. For children that will inhale, ask them to inhale like they are smelling a flower. Use 1 inhalation. Use every four hours as needed. Recap tightly between uses to maintain freshness.

For older children (6-10 yo), place the inhaler CLOSE underneath or GENTLY touching the nostril. Plug the opposite nostril by applying pressure with a finger.  Inhale slowly and deeply. Counting slowly 1,2,3,4,5 while inhaling helps. Repeat on the opposite side. May take 1-2 inhalations. Use every four hours as needed. Recap tightly between uses to maintain freshness.

The Himalayan Sea Salt particles will last for years but the essential oil scent will dissipate over time (up to 3 months). Replace your nasal aroma inhaler when needed.

***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Kid Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Nasal Aroma Inhaler
Kid Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Nasal Aroma Inhaler

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Angela D.
United States

Love this

I love this inhaler. I sleep so much better.

Patricia D.
United States United States

Love your products

I bought the adult inhalers and the kids for my grandchildren. I have given several inhalers to family members and we all agree!! Love your products

Evan B.
United States United States

I really like it.

I suffer from sinus issues from seasonal allergies. The nasal inhaler does a great job of helping me to not take allergy pills every day. I do use it maybe once a day, and unless the weather really kicks up, I will use the inhaler with some allergy OTC. Thanks again for a better and healthier option.